Whale Mammal Huge Big Creature Killer WhalIf people visit Orlando, Florida that they are certain to include visits to the principal theme parks: Disney World and Universal Studios, but if I were to opt for the third must-see attraction in this area then my choice would be Sea World. This is a theme park which manages to combine fun, education, nature conservation and amusement park excitement all in one locale. If you’re interested to know what you may expect to find in Sea World, then continue reading and we’ll take a look at the key features of this park.

In case you have children, or if you’re a big kid yourself, then the exceptional allure of Sea World is to have the ability to get up close to mysterious and exotic creatures like sea turtles, dolphins, penguins and stingrays. Sea World accomplishes this by putting these creatures in themed areas that closely match the natural habitats.

By way of example, among the popular places at Sea World is the Wild Arctic.

As this is Florida warm water monsters are also featured “celebrities” of the series. In the Stingray Lagoon you can watch 200 beams float in a secure habitat. Now, before you allow the name scare you, Stingrays are nice and docile creatures, in reality you can also make them “high-five” you in the event you put your hands in the water! The lagoon also comes with a stingray nursery where you are able to watch the pups play. Animal experts are also available to answer your questions about these unusually grace creatures.

Among the earth’s earliest species is that the turtle. At Sea World’s Turtle stage you may find a good look at 300 sea turtles, ranging in size from the little hatchlings to six foot long leatherbacks. The turtles reside in a natural lagoon that includes a beach, sand dunes and feature vegetation of the turtle’s natural habitat.

Although Sea World is located in Florida, the park’s founders did a excellent job of recreating a Los Angeles nature preserve featuring California sea lions. In the park’s “Pacific Point Preserve” you are able to meet, feed and touch these gregarious animals. Feeding time is the huge moment for this component of the park, as the sea lions and harbor seals always put on a terrific display for the visitors.

And if the sea animals aren’t enough to amuse you and your family the park has some more attractions in the kind of sea-themed rides and experiences. Among the newest attractions is named Journey to Atlantis. You get to see the mythical lost continent at a water coaster which has wet and steep plunges. (You may get wet on this ride, so be ready).

The park also has a 15 storey roller coaster which includes floorless cars!

Rounding out the offerings at Sea World is the Waterfront, a dining and entertainment complex where you are able to relax after enjoying all of the sights and activity of Sea World. Thus, when you see Orlando, place it in your “must-see” list. Dead Animal in AC Vent

Sea World!

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